Choral Speaking Day

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Assalamualaikum ;D

Hai there ! Today is the Choral Speaking day. I mean this morning until this evening. Hoho, my sentences are bad aren't they? OKay, Fullstop Isma! My friends and I had to be at the school by 6.30 am. So early maaaa >< We went to school early because we wanted to practise choral speaking for the last time at school. All the morning session saw us * not all of them, I guess. So shyyyy ! HAHA! That is Isma, she always shy shy cat. HOHO xD

All the choral speakers, teachers, and several pupils who wanted to follow us, went to Smk Sungai Layar at 7.00 am. Early? Maybe. On our way to Smk Sungai Layar, we all were so noisy. HAHA, normal laaa. I took several pictures while we all were in the bus.

So many action we have there,hehe. We arrived at Smk Sungai Layar at 7.45 am. Waaaa >< at tht tyme, I felt nervous. Should I feel like that? Of course NOT! HEH! Let it be.

I was not in the picture because I was the photographer =)

See, all of them were so excited including me *even I'm nervous. Haha! 

The event start around 9.00 am. We waited for one hour before the event start. So long! HAihhh >.< For me, it is okay. While we were waiting for the event, I had taken some pictures with my teacher, Miss Lim. HOHO.

HEH! I was not in these pictures, so sad :'( hoho. One of my friends, a guy, he said to me "Why did they take so many time? I was sleppy already". My response "-.- cool lahh bro". Well, it is normal.

I saw so many great performances. I was so jealous of them. And of course, I was jealous with their conductors too >< Their conductors were so gentle. ARRGGGG! >.< I took some pictures of them, except the conductors.

Thats it. I was so jealous of them >.< HUH! 

Nahhhh! Now you can see my face reaction after our performances. Actually, after 15 minutes. HAHA! That time, my face kinda blushing, HOHO :) Natural ouhh. After our performence, my friends and I, we went *jalanjalan carik pasal* with other peoples. Haha, no lahhh. We went to the mosque, to prayer. 

After that, we when back to the hall. Wahhhhh --" the event was not over yet. So longg. Nevermind, biarkan je. My friends and I were having our photography moment, chatting moment and some fighting moment *actually it is betweeen me and Syakir. We were fighting about my mobile phone. He always want to hold my phone. Idk why. WEIRD!*

Back to the story, about 2.50 pm *I guess* I gonna took the certificate *SIJIL* . HEH! But I didn't take the SIJIL because Danial took it. He was soooo soooojealous of me. Pirahhh! Cool. Dont take it to serious la Ismahani oiii. After tht, the time to announce the winner. 

First place : SMK Convent Father Barre  
Second place : SMK Ibrahim *my old school
Third place : SMK Tunku Sulung
Forth place : SMJK (C) Sing MIn
Fifth place : SMK Tunku Ismail
Sixth place : SMK Bukit Selambau

Our school didn't win. So sad :( But it is okay. It is our first time. The event ended at 3.30 pm.