You've Changed

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hye chingu(s). Sorry you guys,Isma lama tak update. Sifat kemalasan melanda diri saya, HOHO.

Hey you guys, what do you guys feel when your best friend changed? She/He doesn't really care about you? Horrible? Terrible? Sad? Crying? Honestly, I felt that way. Tersangat sangat lah sedih.

I love her so much. I thought when her changed to the other school, both of us were still like before. Unfortunely, its change. I dont know who changed? It is me or her? I admit that I have changed. I changed a little bit. Maybe it was her who changed a lot.

I miss the old her. Not the new one. For me, the new 'her' irritates me a lot. #sorry to say, but thats the truth.