It's so painful

Friday, September 30, 2011


Hye chingu(s). Hihi, so sorry maa. Kemalasan melanda diri Isma lagi. Bukan update blog je, homework pn dah malas nak buat. But still, dalam malas malas tu, Isma buat jugak taw. Okai, entry kali ne Isma nak cakap pasal hipokrit.

Being hypocrite is too painful, isn't it? Example, when your friend hurt themself, he/she would lie to you. He/She said that are fine. But the truth is, he/she is in pain. See, its too painful.

The other example, your friend tell you that she is in relationship with your ex-boyfriend. And then, you are like " What the heck is she talking about?". You don't believe in her until you ask your ex-boyfriend. At night, you text your ex. You ask him about the 'thing' that your friend have told you. Your ex answer is, no. - The purpose your friend told you is to annyoy you.

So the point is, we must stop being hypocrite. It's too painful for us to bear it.